Vintage Coats & Winter Fashion

St. Louis winter is consistently unpredictable. Yesterday was freezing – today I didn’t need a coat; its mid November and I still haven’t unpacked my sweaters.

I’m in the midst of planning my winter capsule and it all revolves around a good coat. I have this habit of buying coats that are both beautiful and nonfunctional. This year, I’d like to be warm.

So let’s chat about this vintage wrap coat.

A few years ago, I sold vintage clothes on Etsy. This coat was an item in my shop and I am SO GRATEFUL it didn’t sell! A camel trench is such a classic piece; this has to be from the 70s/80s and its still completely relevant. What’s crazy is that even at 40 years old, the coat is in perfect condition. I’m nostalgic for the quality & craftsmanship of previous generations; this coat is such high quality… AND WARM.

I’m hoping to find a tailor and have it taken in. This coat cost me $20. Seriously friends, thrift before you buy.

I’m still on the hunt for a blanket scarf, a structured cardigan, and killer pair of mom jeans…the search continues.


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Photos by Mattea Linae


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