Have Snacks, Will Travel


You’ve been on your nutrition A-Game for weeks now.

Its taken a lot of sacrifice & commitment, but you’ve finally nailed down how to food prep like a boss. You’ve successfully navigated what restaurants in town can meet your dietary guidelines, & your tote bag is lined with lara bars — just in case.

Nothing can stand in your way, you are a woman with a plan!!! Until you are invited to go on a weekend road trip… Suddenly, the Jaws theme song starts scoring in the background of your minor panic attack.

To some of you, this may sound extreme…but I have learned the hard way that road trips with dietary restrictions are a living nightmare in which I starve to death in the back of a crowded van.

Gas stations, fast food, exits right off the highway… I went into my previous road trips thinking “Well, I’m sure I can find something.” Nope. I was wrong. If you’re avoiding grain, soy, corn, pretty much anything in a package is out. Oh wait, EVERYTHING sold at gas stations seems to be in a package? Yep, thats how gas stations work.

I’ve gathered enough of these experiences to learn that it is in my best interest to be overly prepared. Never again will I force myself to survive a 13 hour car ride on mixed nuts and fruit cups while my friends enjoy burgers, fries, & tacos. Never again will I arrive at my destination bloated, tense, & miserable because I gave in to the temptations of junk food.

Without further ado, I introduce to you “Have Snacks, Will Travel”,  essentially my life’s motto and my strategy to stay on track will I seek the world’s wonders.

My latest adventure was to the Smokey Mountains & here is what I packed to keep me calm, healthy, & happy.


Smokey Montains



1.Portable Greens

Vitamineral Greens + Coconut Water= instant green juice.
Daily greens are a non-negotiable. While I’m traveling, salads, smoothies, & juices may go by the wayside…but this concoction is ideal for greens on the go. Spirulina, chlorella, and kelp are just a few of the goodies inside this powerful powder. Simply fill a bottle with water, juice, or coconut water, add Vitamineral greens powder, a squeeze of lemon, and shake!

2. Car Snacks

In social settings, I enjoy mimicking what those around me are eating. If everyone in the car is eating chips and candy, and I pack a banana, its easier for me to experience junk food cravings and possibly even feel deprived. For this road trip, I packed Dang Toasted Coconut Chips which, in my humble opinion, taste like popcorn. Which is a stellar car snack. I also packed Golden Berries, which are a nutrient dense, slightly sour, berry in a bag… a la gummy candies. Finally, I tend to bake before trips. For my cabin getaway, I made grain-free, sweetened with honey blueberry muffins from the Meals that Heal Inflammation Cookbook.

3. Yoga to Go

I take my yoga mat with me on every single trip. Even if I don’t end up using it, at this point its like a security blanket. My mat is kind of bulky in a packed car and I’ve had my eye on this travel mat by Manduka. You can actually fold it up and pack it in your duffle bag! AMAZING.

4. Stress Relief Serum

The name says it all. I’m currently obsessed with Blissoma’s Stress Relief Serum. It actually helps to relieve tension & headaches AND it smells like a meditation session in a bottle. New car-ride essential.

5. Chill Vibe Supplements

Calm is a magnesium supplement that helps you to relax & sleep through the night. Disclaimer- magnesium definitely helps to keep you regular, making it a wondrous travel companion.

Instead of ibuprofen, I like to take a turmeric supplement. Turmeric reduces inflammation and helps me with body aches & head aches. When I’m home I like to make turmeric lattes, but on the road these capsules are handy.

6. Par-Tea

Instead of coffee, I have been starting my days with this Chaga Mushroom Tea. Eventually, I will have to write an entire post about how mushrooms are the coolest thing since oil pulling, standing desks, & high speed blenders. Seriously, 80% of my conversations lately steer into the direction of how much I dig mushrooms. If I went to Hogwarts, I would be a herbology major based on my interest in fungi.

Anyway — Chaga, like other medicinal mushrooms, is an adaptogen, meaning it aids your body in finding homeostasis. Chaga boosts immunity, acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, and is a powerful antioxidant. Talk about starting your day off right! Chaga has a mild, slightly bitter, earthy taste and is amazing with raw cacao and coconut oil.

Finally, I’ve been sipping Ginger Tea throughout the day because it aids digestion & tastes simply divine.

My trip to the Smoky Mountains was magical. Our cabin overlooked miles and miles of dense forest, I left feeling incredibly grounded. Honestly, one of my favorite parts of the trip was my 8 hour car ride full of conversation & laughing. I feel so much  gratitude for this woodland adventure with my loved ones.  Already, I’m anticipating my next trip!!

What do you pack for traveling? Do you have any tips to feel your best on the road?




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